Decomposed ....Matters: From Earth to Life & Back Again, a Close Look at Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid is a yellowish-brown natural fermentation harvested supplement that presents itself in almost exactly the same molecular structure as our very own, in the human body. Why? Because Fulvic acid is naturally formed from decomposed plant and animal matter.

There are numerous sources of fulvic acid that can be found in nature, however some like brown coal, soil and carbohydrate sources like sugar cane and wood are tainted due to man made pollutants like ground, water, air and agricultural chemical pollution. Finding the truest source is difficult and requires more than three months of harvesting from fossilized rock to extract Sphagnum peat (Yes, Peat is the other source!)

NO contact with air pollution

NO contact with water pollution

NO contact with agricultural chemicals

NO phenols present

NO heavy/toxic metals present

In other words fulvic acid is one thing, in nature, that makes everything else work better!

It has exponential benefits for internal use including but not limited to;

Pre-biotic properties, improving gut and immune system health and also having anti-microbial action.

Super anti-oxidant properties.

Improves metabolic absorption of nutrients like vitamins and minerals by enhancing cell membrane permeability and being a natural mineral itself. (Vitamins cannot be absorbed without trace minerals being present!)

Detoxifying properties, chelates heavy/toxic metals naturally and acts as a free radical scavenger being a electron donor or acceptor, it renders a free radical harmless.

Decreases length of Tau Fibrils. (Tau Fibrils are proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease.)

Creates homeostasis- Natural pH balance.

Removes inflammation due to being the best natural electrolyte source. (Electrolytes help cells survive stress or shock etc.)

Electrolyte properties have tendency to increase energy by balancing and energizing cells internally

Stimulates enzymatic; reactions, development, manufacturing of and formation of enzymes. Fulvic acid itself often supplies the building blocks for cellular enzyme metabolisms and reactions.

As mentioned before, overall Fulvic acid as a supplement is good for anyone and everyone. Start serving your body by getting ALL the nutrients that you possibly can, feeling rejuvenated, healthier and free radical free ☝🏽

For more information and to get your hands on high quality Fulvic Acid tablets please email us at and we will introduce you to the best South Africa has to offer (products limited to distribution within the republic of South Africa)

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