Total Weight or Fat: Which Bothers You More

What Bothers You More: Your Actual Weight or Your Actual Body Fat

This is a super sensitive topic but I am determined to discuss it.

To clear the air, I have been over weight & I have been over fat. I have never been obese. I will not claim to know what it is like to be obese. I pray daily that I never ever have to experience that struggle.

But let me get to the root of my question posed as a title to this post....

One pound of muscle weighs exactly like one pound of fat. Yet they look entirely different. One pound of muscle is harder and denser than a pound of body fat. If you gain 6 pounds of muscle and drop six pounds of body fat, your scale weight will be absolutely the same.

So, is what individuals struggle with their actual number staring up from the scale or their physical disconnect from facing the fact that the fat on their body is literally weighing them down?

My experiences as a 5’3” (1.63) woman in my early twenties sitting between 176-190 lbs (80-87kg) were the following....

  • my left hip hurt constantly due to my weight bearing on my shorter side (I have scoliosis)

  • My right knee developed tendinitis as a result of compensating from the left hip pain

  • My posture was atrocious as my scoliosis worsened with the extra weight on my short side

  • My breathing was compromised & as a result the oxygen to my extremities was compromised thus yielding circulatory issues

  • I retained water so badly that I easily fluctuated 8 lbs (3.6kg) in a day

  • I had ulcers in my mouth often & pH imbalances throughout my body which resulted in different infections & illnesses

  • My thyroid became inactive & left me with a thyroid that must always be treated to create balance in all of my other hormones

  • My periods were extremely painful & accompanied by golf ball size fibrocystic breast tissue

  • I had severe digestion issues due to the fact that my diet was filled with fortified foods & chemicals that the human body cannot actually break down on its own

  • When I was sick, the normal cold lasted much longer in my body than in my fit/less fat family & friends

  • My mood swings were so bad that if someone in my family wasn’t mad at me, I was at least always mad at myself - this was not bc I was insecure (I was but hear me out) the mood swings came from the imbalances associated with the lifestyle I was leading which yielded my higher fat composition in my physical human form

I am on a rampage to justify #bodyhonest over #bodyposativemovement not because I want to hurt feelings, not because I have a problem with PEOPLE who happen to be fat, not because I hate anyone for their size — but because I crumble at the thought of losing some of my favorite humans to co morbidities associated with high body fat.....

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