The Power of Soy

I was born with an intolerance to dairy & I wasn’t breast fed. I was on formula that was made from Soy beans & plant fats. I still use unsweetened soy milk today as an adult & I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

There is a big fuss in both directions about soy products. I am 100% one direction on this topic. There are plenty of views & opinions that I can see both sides to, but this one I have to stand firmly on… Soy has been safe for me since 1987.

When I mention to doctors and dentists that I was a soy baby and that I have always used soy milk products, their first reactions are always the same. Their questions are the same. And my answers have always been the same.

I have never broken a bone besides tiny fractures in my foot at the age of 31; in fact in 2010 when I was learning and teaching how to use a DEXA scan in college, my bone density was outstanding. I had to have 12 baby teeth pulled because the roots of the teeth were so strong and anchored into my gum line.

Funny fact: I still have a baby tooth!!! The adult tooth was pulled because it grew skew in my gum; this tooth is 32 years old and the gum line & base of the tooth are still relatively firmly connected. I have never had a cavity.

I was considered to be one of the biggest kids in my class in lower school; I wasn’t actually ‘fat’ but in fact I was taller, wider, stronger, have bigger hands & feet, and hit puberty much earlier than most of my peers (I will later write about this puberty, hormones, and why I don’t believe in birth control for teens)I do have minor scholiosis (curve in my spine) and I am ‘sway backed’ which is partly due to the fact that I have a tilted pelvis; I don’t think this has any direct link to use of soy products, but rather the fact that this runs in my maternal family & I grew rapidly between the ages of 7 and 10.

My blood pressure has only been affected under some severe stress a couple of times in my life; regularly it is actually a little low, but that is in large part because of my activity level.

Soy milk is FULL of amazing nutrients & elements that the body needs. To name a few, a good quality soy milk contains protein & plant fat, magnesium, vitamins E & K, choline, & phospholipids. Its amazing for children who have been said to have ADHD, for adults who are struggling with diabetes, and in regulating hormones for fertility and for weight loss.

Since going pescatarian & vegetarian in our household, my husband‘s consumption of soy products have increased. His body has responded amazingly as he has leaned out more than usual, maintains a healthy appetite, and absorbs nutrients better than before.

The bottom line from our experiences and experiences of many of our clients: don’t fear soy. Quality soy products have a mass of benefits for the human body that far exceed those of animal protein & animal fat based foods and beverages.

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