Show Up as Who You Desire To Be

The title of this blog sounds so... cliche. I can't exactly quickly snap my fingers and show up as Mila Kunis (now you all know my celebrity crush/spirit animal). But let me explain.

Something I have heard time and time again in teachings form my business mentor, Lauren Eliz Love, books written by professors holding PhD's in psychology, and even spiritual & religious advisors in my faith is something that I have been practicing my entire life but I didn't quite know how to word it or capture it for anyone else to use the working model of. Until now.

I want to take a walk down memory lane & share a bit about myself, my past, and how I came to live & be. There is no secret that I was a destructive alcohol abuser in my teens and early twenties. Because of this, I had multiple health issues including being overweight. Some would call me "thick" but trust me when I tell you there is nothing pretty about "thick" when your joints hurt, your liver & kidneys work minimally, and your so disgusted with yourself that you don't want to leave the house until you're intoxicated, dressed like a stranger, or absolutely have to.

(Left photo: Age 19 / Right photo: Age 31)

There I was, a 20 year old party girl with one goal: to be the most beautiful, fit, healthy person I could be. And also, there I was: smoking a pack a day & drinking from 5pm onward (unless someone had drinks by the pool earlier). I started implementing habits like exercising and eating better options at the drive through window and on campus. I started taking notice of my lack of a figure. I started to realize I was hurting myself and others by my behavior and my lifestyle. I knew that if I wanted lasting relationships, healthy relationships, and to have a life with someone I found appealing, I would first have to obtain all of these qualities & characteristic within myself.

So, the long road to healthy & happy Chelsea began. I was a health & wellness advocate, I was in prep to compete in a body building show, I was going to marry an athletic man, I was creating a business teaching people how to take care of themselves. And yet there I was, about 30 lbs over weight, still smoking, drinking less, and trying to figure out how many cookies I could eat without going to far over my macros for the day. And guess what? That was okay for the beginning... I started showing up in my mind as the woman that was doing these things that were obviously not my reality at the moment... I was reading the things this woman would read, I was attending the classes this woman would teach, I was making the friends that this woman would make, I was listening to the music that this woman would listen to. And eventually, I was eating the food that this woman would be eating, I was dressing in the clothes that this woman would be wearing, I was getting up at the time that this woman would be getting up, I was exercising like this woman would be exercising.

(Left photo: age 22 / Right photo: age 23)

Slowly but surely I became her. And through becoming her, I have had plenty of set backs. There are times when we are becoming who we know we are meant to be that we have to take the back seat & take a moment to adjust, Taking on a "new" identity can be difficult. It doesn't only affect YOU, it affects everyone in your life. I lost people, I gained people, I became closer to people I thought I lost connection with; people didn't know how to take this "new" version of me & to this day, a decade later, people from my past don't recognize the woman that I am or how I came to be her because they themselves have not stepped into who they are meant to be or want to be. And that is okay.

Stepping into the person that we are meant to be, becoming what we were intended to be on this earth is a process and not everyone gets it. But allow me to encourage you to try. It can start with "small" steps that lead to huge lifestyle changes. My fridge was covered with photos of women who lived the lifestyle that I admired and longed for. My phone was filled with exercise plans & different creative food ideas. I started reading magazines and books that were specific to my goals for who I was showing up as. Lately, I've moved into a higher level of myself & I have begun reading about emotional & mental health alongside physical health. As we step into our position within our purpose on earth, we start to grow & evolve even more AND IT IS SO WORTH IT!

(Left photo: age 21 / Right photo: 31)

As we start to show up as who we desire to be, we start to leave behind the negative habits & the ideas and mental blocks that hold us back. Once we start taking care of ourselves, nurturing, loving, and respecting ourselves as a higher version of our current self... there is a domino effect that leaks into everything that we do there forward. Bit by bit, little by little, who we are showing up as becomes exactly who we are.

If I can't encourage you to take care of yourself physically, then I hope I can at least encourage you to take care of yourself in the ways that most need love & nurturing. Reaching our truest personal potential requires more inner work than we are ever really taught in schools or society. Take time to align yourself with WHO you are & start showing up as that higher level version of you. If you want more peace in your life, start creating space for more peace. If you want more happiness, start thinking and speaking from a place of gratitude. If you want better health & vitality, start taking small steps into being the healthier version of yourself. If you want more love, more money, more abundance --> start living your life in a positive story, leave the victim behind, remove the toxic & negative feed back loops slowly & steadily. Start practicing the life of the person you want to be.

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