Routine -- The New Commitment

This virus craze has taken the world by storm! Each day it seems another piece of our normal lives has been removed or altered. While we are all going to be suffering the waiting period of things to return to some normal state, there are plenty of things that we can do to keep ourselves in check and in a positive state of mind.

It has been a hard hit to accept that exercise has now been turned into some sort of at home circle fiasco. As a fitness professional I had a hard time wrapping my mind around exercising at home. Exercise is an outlet for myself and many others for a plethora of reasons from beating depression, maintaining a healthy body weight, controlling blood pressure, and social interaction with like-minded healthy people just to name a few perks that we may be missing at the moment.

As a personal trainer and coach, it was difficult for me to get my clients's mins wrapped around the idea of training at home during this time for a completely different reason. For many gym goers, in the beginning, the first short term goal is to actually adopt the habit & routine of going to the gym. Sure, we all have our body & health goals in mind, but the very first task to tackle is establishing a routine. Establishing this routine was the goal on 1 January 2020, right? And you JUST got into the swing of things when this COVID-19 struggle hit. So now what? Many people are starting to feel defeated; that all of their time and hard work and commitment January - March just flew out the window. But that doesn't have to be your reality!

Let's take it back to basics: the first goal was to establish a routine & habit of going to the gym. The reason for going to the gym was to move your body in some fashion so as to meet your health & wellness goals. So, why are you giving up on your initial goal to begin with?

Take away the idea of having a six pack by May, remove the pressure you've put on yourself about fitting into that dress for your sister's wedding that was meant to be last weekend but has now been postponed until further notice. Take a moment to step back and observe the strength and the discipline that you maintained to stay committed to the gym when it was open.

Now think about how you owe yourself the commitment of routine.

Exercising at home can be boring. I get it, I have NEVER been a home fitness chick, but the world handed me this deck of cards and I am going to play my hand to the best of my personal abilities. Not only am I encouraging myself and others to adhere to a fitness schedule of some sort while we are at home for the sake of sticking to a routine, but more than that, sticking to a routine can help us to maintain & understand our emotions and mental health.

Everything changed in an instant, and with each day that passes there are more restrictions put into place & more fear is induced. All of this is subconsciously playing a huge part in our bodies and the best thing we can do, is honor our body to the best of our abilities. Our physical health is greatly impacted by our emotional and mental health, and one fact that has stood the test of time is that routine and familiarity are key factors to coping and healing.

Every single one of us that craves an empty squat rack or the bench that sits in front of the best mirror have the choice to put our mental health first and create a new short term goal -- ROUTINE. Stick to the routine pf MOVEMENT. Even if its a simple circuit in the living room or a creative leg session up and down a set of stairs, do your current & future self a favor and make a plan to create a safe, healthy routine.

If you are uncertain of how to create that routine for yourself, start by looking at your options on social media outlets. Fitness professionals around the world are sharing their videos & plans at reduced rates and even for free! Worried about equipment? Many of us are creating training plans that offer you intense training that uses your body weight alone; or if you want to make a plan and create something out of objects at home there can be a plan made incorporating it!

You may not get the six pack, your glutes may not pop as much as you hoped for, your beach body may look more like a lake body, but your mind & your heart need and deserve a routine to keep yourself going. Now more than ever, our health should be our number one priorities.

For information on personalized or pre-set fitness plans for your health & wellness in this time of crisis, please visit our online store HERE or email us for details.

Enjoy the video below as we have affiliated with Fit24Gyms SA and are proud to stand by their name and brand through this time of uncertainty.

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