Resisting Change & Body Positivity

In the journey of health and wellness, there are those who surpass others. There are winners. But here is the deal – we are all capable of winning and taking control of our health. However, we don’t all succeed because we have issues that have to do with character. That is the bottom line. Your genetic profile only plays a small part in your health (about 25% to be exact) and your ability to change your health status.

Your short comings from the genetic pool from which you were created ARE NOT the reasons you’re not successful in weight loss, lowering your bad cholesterol, or leading a happier and healthier life. Will you really let 25% of your genetic makeup hold the other 75ish% captive and behind?

We are not genetically predisposed to being quitters, having low self esteem, choosing the worst over the better options. Choice is not something that we are born limited to. We are conditioned and raised in lifestyles burdened by generational curses that cripple our character from thriving. We are not incapable of changing our behaviors to live a better life (unless the behaviors we cannot change are because of missing a limb or one of many diseases and disabilities that prevent somewhat natural movement and motor functions).

If you’re 38 years old and your doctor says you need to lose 15 lbs and eat less red meat and cut the alcohol down to 2 drinks a week, you are 100% capable of doing precisely that. But you choose not to. When you turn 52 and you haven’t changed a thing, you’re now 35 lbs over weight, on two medications (one for cholesterol and the other for blood pressure which you wouldn’t be on one without the other or either had you taken into consideration to get off your butt and stop buying cheap red meat and drinking while you sink into the sofa) and have an artery that needs to be cleaned out before you have a heart attack….

You’re choosing not to make these changes.

I’m so passionate about health and wellness and freedom from medications. I believe that foods can heal us or destroy us. The moments that garbage enters my mouth are few and far between because I choose to be healthy. Because it is up to me to know the downside of eating junk and sitting on my butt. I lived that life; I was over weight, unhealthy & unhappy, and most of all I was in denial about the poor choices I was making in a daily bases & constantly trying to push the blame.

Sounding a little close to home? Kind of a sensitive bite there? Well if so, you’re the person I’m taking to and you’re the person struggling with my own personal past pains.

I am so passionate about being body positive – but hear me clearly: being body positive does not mean embracing diseases that are parts of downward spiraling health. Being body positive means being positive and loving your body — that doesn’t mean eating another chili cheese burrito with extra sour cream and having 5 smokes before you go to bed to wake up to cheap cereal and sugar laden coffee. Being body positive means establishing a healthy relationship with yourself – and there is nothing healthy about obesity, anorexia, binge eating, diabetes, OCD, alcoholism, drug abuse or any other number of issues (and yes I’ve suffered from some of these myself!)

Being body positive means taking accountability for yourself and learning to truly feel good from whole foods, real thoughts that aren’t ate up with extreme emotions, no negative talk in your head about the person choosing better for themselves across from you, and actually FEELING GOOD & take care of yourself!

I am kind about a lot – but I must be stern about what I believe in and what I stand for. If you treat yourself subpar & cheap, you won’t win. You’re being defeated by your own battle. And guess what? The only one that can save you is yourself.

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