Personal Trainers, A Stereotype

I went to college and I studied Exercise Science (Physiology) & Personal/Community Health... and I am happy to say, and sad to say, I was 1 year away from completing my minor in Psychology. What my bachelors degree set me up for, is the prerequisite for a masters to be a professor, a phD or doctorate to be a physical therapist or a sports medicine doctor (PS - if anyone wants to sponsor me to go back to school to be a sports medicine doctor, let me know because I would totally rock that today at 30 instead of 22 when I just couldn't even open one more book for school).

In America and in South Africa (because those are the 2 places I have lived) there is this looming ignorance that big biceps + lean abs = amazing personal trainer. Also, that all personal trainers are either dumb as bricks or only capable of caring about aesthetics. Now, this is about 90% true, sadly. And I stand for that 10% of us that actually are beyond these simple, fading aesthetics with little to no face value.

"Oh, but Chelsea you competed and you are sometimes like a brick?!"

Big egos, big biceps, ripped & shredded, glorified PE teachers -- the descriptions I feel plague my industry. I do think that we should LOOK the part - healthy, fit, able. But also, I think that that we should LEARN the part. Being ripped and huge and aesthetically perfect IS NOT attainable in any healthy sense WHAT SO EVER. Being the poster child of control and deprivation IS NOT teaching people to take care of themselves long term.

ANYONE can sit through a few weeks/months and retain enough to pass a test online. I'm not saying you have to have a bachelors degree from an American University to know how to do this job properly - but what I am saying is that when it comes to CHOOSING a personal trainer, as a CLIENT you have every right to be choosy. Big Biceps + Abs + Spray Tan + Sports Car Daddy Paid For  DOES NOT equal success 9 times out of 10.

Education & Years of Experience says A LOT about a trainer. Don't be too shy to ask for a personal trainers resume. I OFFER to send every client my credentials and answer any and every question they may have. As a CLIENT, choosing someone who is handling your body and your emotions in the gym is just as important as choosing a doctor or a psychologist - KNOW who you're working with; don't be afraid to ask questions & don't be scared to ask for references.

The stereo type does exist for a reason - but there are some of us who do beat the odds and have more to offer you.

I absolutely LOVE what I do! My clients are my friends and they become family. I genuinely want to know what makes each person tick, help them to understand what is happening inside their body, and create realistic and attainable goals for their individual needs.

A GREAT personal trainer is going to fail quite a few times - it takes years of practice to get it right. This failure is within ourselves AND with clients & business within the industry.

Find a personal trainer that can offer you knowledge, who wants to educate you, who invests personal time in you, and who wants to teach you principals that you can carry with you outside of your hour with them or Outside of your relationship in the online space (if you’re a hybrid/online client).

Understand that there is a difference between a personal with a DEGREE vs a certification. There is a difference between a self proclaimed “something“ body health coach and a REAL COACH/mentor. And with each added value that comes from the tiers of education and the years of work & knowledge, comes a higher price... you pay for our experience and dedication to you and to the industry.

Invest in your health. If not with us at a The Bester Life, then with someone who is qualified, has years of experience & chases results FOR YOU instead of money in their pockets and little no none interests in your progress, lifestyle, and outcome.

As we tell everyone, if you don’t learn something from us then we have wasted your time and ours!

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