Health : action with intent

The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, with his sincerest intent to do well and get well quoted this in the midst of his works.

He decided tanking it back to the patient, client, “person needing to heal,” and confronted their personal habits, nutrition, exercise and sleep. These are just a few of the subgroups used to analyze oneself when looking at the man in the mirror. Just like Hippocrates he asked them to change their ways, if they indeed wanted to become healthy. Digging deeper into self-seeded mental, physical and emotional turmoils that have passed or could be the most present culprit.

Each of us are designed to know if we are morally correct or if we’re pulling the wool over our own eyes. This final decision comes to dealing with our innermost demons first, before we can expect Health or to “gift” Health to another, only if they really need it, understand the need, and identify wherever the sour seeds that rot is from inside are.

If you cannot help yourself, how can you expect anyone to do anymore than you, when it comes to your health. This is a call to demonstrate the responsibility and self-discipline required to become whole with oneself.

Actions will hold power over words of intent, in this world and any other. Wisdom is a gift, and to share Wisdom, it creates knowledge. Having this knowledge gives you the power to be a selfless healer to yourself and others. Be kind and share the truths that have become lost in the convenience of our modern World.

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