Finding Happiness in Hormones

More often than not, gym goers are referred to as fitness freaks, gym freaks... freaks. There seems to be little understanding about the craze behind a committed gym-goers reason for exerting themselves so much. And wither the fitness freak knows this or not, there is a very real reason that they seem to be 'addicted' to fitness (besides gains & shreds) and it is every bit biologically programmed in each and every one of us.

When we exercise, we produce different hormones. One of these hormones is known as Oxytocin. This hormone is known as the 'cuddle hormone' because our bodies produce it when we are close to other people, ie hugging/physical contact/sex. But it is also released when we exercise and when we engage in physical activities that bring us joy. Increasing the amount of this hormone in our bodies is very easy to do... a simple 10 minutes of cardio vascular activity can increase the production of this hormone in our hypothalamus.

Oxytocin comes with an abundance of goodness.

- reduces pain in the body

- reduces the desire to consume drugs & addictive substances

- increases sexual arousal

- helps to suppress appetite

- improves social skills & desire to be around others

- improves the quality of sleep

- reduces stress

- increases lactation in breast feeding mothers

- deepens the connection between parents & children

- deepens relationship between human & pet

- increases memory function

- triggers natural instincts of physical abilities, strength, sexual desire, and protection

Oxytocin increases our abilities to feel comfortable & to feel confident in ourselves and our daily life choices. It not only allows us to love & be empathetic to others and to animals, but to ourselves. When we are able to be happy, empathetic, and comfortable in ourselves we are able to be all of those things for and with others optimally.

A few practices besides fitness that help to increase this beautiful natural gift...

- listening to soothing music

- spending time with animals/petting & training animals

- warm baths & showers

- positive social entertainment

- yoga

- massage & reiki

Risks & reasons one may have low levels of oxytocin

- prolonged stress

- short term stress

- anger

- bad social experiences

- detachment

- loneliness

- fear

While exercise doesn't cause us to produce too much or more of this hormone, it does aide in the presence of it in our bloodstream. This is because the hypothalamus secrets more of it into the bloodstream when when our neurons are buzzing with activity. So, if you're feeling down and you don't have your significant other near by, or your dog & cat aren't up for playing, get up and start moving around... Give yourself 30 minutes of exercise, get your blood flowing, and increase your happy hormones right now!

Unsure where to begin? No problem! We can help you with that! Contact us today to get started on a health & wellness plan that helps your body, mind, and soul connect on a higher vibration.


Chelsea Bester

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