Fat Shamed, Skinny Shamed, Fit & Factual

I’m not slowing down my #bodyhonest speed am time soon.

Sweet 16.... I was 16 in left photo beneath. I wore a children’s size 16 in clothing.... fast forward to 19, in the right photo, and I wore a size 16 in adult women’s clothing.

People get super sensitive when a fit person talks about skinny and/or fat people. I’ve been both. I’ve been underweight and I’ve been over weight. Do you know how soul destroying it is to go from being the big kid in elementary school to being the tiny girl in HS to being the fat drunk in college??

I do. I was that girl, I am that girl. And guess what? It was up to me to fix all of it.

Bullied? oh yes, I’ve been both skinny & fat shamed. And the best part!? I’ve been FIT shamed more than the other two.

Both sides of that fat/skinny shaming coin hurt. Not that society had an issue or that one person said something — but my body hurt. I didn’t identify with myself AT ALL.

Skinny shaming & fat shaming are two disgusting things. When I see an underweight person, I see stress and worry; I see medications and hormone imbalances. I see an over worked system. I see deficiencies & self abuse.

When I see a fat girl, yep I said it, I see sadness, sorrow, pain, self inflicted abuse, substance abuse, and a pile of health problems including eating disorders and the inability to get their shit together because it’s easier to take another pill and drink another beer than to actually take care of herself.

I’m that girl. I was that girl. I get that girl. And if you’re that girl, you’re not alone. And if you’re that girl, it is up to you 100% to decide to get help and stick to a plan.... invest in yourself.

Invest time into understanding your body.

Know it took years to get that small or that big and it’ll take time to turn around.

Know that there are people who relate and who have been on one or bother sides of the fence.

But whatever you do, do not fall victim to the #bodypositivemovent. Hear me out, sister! Being positive and loving yourself are key components to a healthy life. A life filled with abundance has to come from core values that are positive & confidence yielding....

But there is nothing at all healthy about accepting complacency in an unhealthy lifestyle. Being positive about your body should include the following

- healthy eating habits

- healthy water consumption

- healthy boundaries in social settings

- time dedicated to understanding what your hormones are and how they are impacted by the things you do or don’t do

- learning how to eat & move for your body type

- having a keen sense of understanding that this is not about what the scale says or The size printed in your pants but rather the details that are revealed when you have a blood panel drawn

Girl, you do not have to look like me to be body honest. You do not have to be rail thin or J-lo built to be loved and accepted.... but what you need to do to live a healthy life with less likeliness to fall sick with diseases and illnesses that come with excess body fat and choosing to be #bodyignorant ...is get a grip on reality, put your feelings & emotions aside, and start taking the necessary steps TODAY to walk up those stairs without running out of breath, park far from the door and walk the length of the parking lot without complaining, and be able to sleep well & reproduce & be around for your children and grandchildren Without living assistance some day.

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