Dead End Diets

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

By Chelsea Bester

You cannot out train a poor diet!!! You’ve read this a million times… because it is true. I don’t care how great you look, if you’re consuming garbage foods, something inside your body is also garbage – like maybe your liver or your colon…. and highly likely your attitude!

The foods you put in your mouth, are your body’s fuel. If you drive an expensive car, you will most likely put higher grade fuel in it, have it serviced more often, and pay special attention to its every need.

Why are we treating our bodies like Geo Prisms that were passed down for 25 years and just waiting for the wheels to pop off before trading it in?! (No offense if you’re a Geo collector or something…)

You cannot trade in your body. You cannot just decide you’re done with it and expect changes to happen over night or quickly in any fashion. You cannot spend 20+ years NOT taking care of your body and then expect 1-2 months of taking care of it to fix the problems. BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO NOT EMBARK ON THE JOURNEY! Its a slow journey to better health, but it is FAR BETTER than the fast road to a dead end.

If you want to know the true key to HEALTH – the healing starts inside. In the stomach.

“The key to a heart is through the stomach,” is an old saying and there is a lot of truth in that!

The key to all of our hearts, hormones, neurological input and output, moods, brain activity, productivity, creativity….. it all comes from the food that is pushed through our systems – and not just foods, but medications and supplements as well.

Hippocrates stated,“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!”

In Genesis 1:29 GOD says : I give you every seed for every plant on this earth, and every tree that bare fruit shall hold seeds in it; they are your’s for food.

If you need some philosophical reasoning, there’s two examples for you. If you want some reality, please know that inflammation, poor immunity, diabetes, heart conditions, poor circulation, high cholesterol, ADHD, most autoimmune diseases, and even headaches are all the sum of poor fuel sources!

I think that everyone’s first step in the right direction for correct health is fixing and healing the gut. You can take baby steps by starting with a high quality probiotic and over time, start to eliminate sugars and bad fats. A monthly cleanse and detox should also be considered. And eventually, intermittent fasting (if you’re keen for that kind of thing) or just an over all well balanced diet during the normal hours of the day that match your body’s rhythm.

Between customers and clients, roughly 75% have so many “problems” that all stem back to their diets. And going on some crazy diet without replenishing the gut and stomach first, is not going to benefit in the long run.

Getting the gut in check will relieve symptoms of candida and yeast in the body; help with the absorption of nutrients from your foods (so you’re actually full and satiated); and most importantly help with the absorption and use of important minerals and vitamins.

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