A Happy Hormone - Could There Be a Solution to Your Imbalanced Mood & Sleep Patterns

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Paul Bester, director TheBesterLife PTY


5Hydroxytriptophan is a naturally occurring pre-cursor to melatonin and serotonin in the human body. Melatonin is our sleep hormone and is needed to have thorough restful, rejuvenating sleep. Our bodies make this happen by having a circadian rhythm to control, when we are awake we have increased serotonin (naturally) and when we are approaching sleep and during, we have increasing levels of melatonin (Naturally.) Serotonin is our “happy” hormone and higher levels have been proven to decrease PTSD, anxiety and depression. Due to the increased pace of modern life and all its over abundance of stressors it brings, we as humans are not equipped to process so much “fight or flight” hormones like ie. cortisol - one of the hormones to send you down a negative spinning spiral of depression and weight gain.

5HTP has applications to increase memory and learning capabilities and has a lot to do with restoring the natural hormone balance between Serotonin/Melatonin and of course removing Cortisol as effectively as the individual who allows it (ie each individuals abilities to compartmentalize or let go of external conflicts).

A Serotonin imbalance can be indicated by:



Carbohydrate cravings




Sleep apnea

Migraine headaches

Tension headaches

Chronic daily headaches

Premenstrual syndrome


*Caution- Individuals taking blood thinners, opioids or antipsychotic drugs should not use 5HTP as it regulates blood clotting.

Should you be interested in learning more about the various uses and benefits of 5HTP, send us and email and let’s chat. This could be the difference between a good nights sleep and a restless life, a happy smile instead of anxiety, and vibrancy outshining the cave we tend to sink into when low on these brain boosting candies of life.

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