About The Besters....


Owner, Exercise Scientist, Trainer

I found myself studying and obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science & Wellness with a minor in personal and community health when I was 2/3 of the way to finishing my degree in psychology at Jacksonville State University in Alabama (2011). I began personal training when I was in my last year of college, alongside working in the supplement industry, interning under a professor at my university, and working in a small private gym. I wanted to reach and change as many lives as I could with the knowledge I had gained.

The strength & support of my family and my professors propelled me into my purpose as a health & wellness professional. The personal gains & the fulfillment of helping others is what has caused my purpose to flourish over the past decade. Through my passion for health and wellness, I have not only changed my own life but I have helped to guide and encourage positive change in others all across the United States, Italy, the UK, and South Africa. 

My personal accomplishments of the past decade include  I competed in The NPC (2012-2013) for the state of Georgia x5 times, Alabama x1, and nationally qualified show x1 as a bikini fitness competitor; competed in the IFBB as a wellness athlete in South Africa 2017;& and I recently made my way back to The NPC of South Africa 2020 where I placed 4th in bikini.

I have coached women for the following: 1x 1st place beach bikini IFBB, 1x 3rd place beach bikini IFBB, 1x 3rd place wellness IFBB, 1x 1st place wellness masters NPC, 1x 3rd place wellness novice NPC.

Contest coaching available upon special request.


Director, Exercise Scientist, Therapist


 I represented Provincially and Nationally for a variety of sports including; Rugby, Track and Field, Swimming, Waterpolo, and Cycling. I became goal focused on Rugby and attended Life University for six years while studying my Doctorate in Chiropractic alongside a Bachelors in Exercise Science as well as the unique and intriguing differences in the human anatomy and biology. To such an extent of completion, In dissection lab, anatomical functional and clinical execution. The human body is a marvel in its own right and deserves to be nurtured back to nature’s intended destination. I am passionate about restoring people’s health to their innate intelligence. This requires diligent management of the stresses people are affected by; Chemical, Physical or Emotional stressors are the precursors to all illness or disease. The human body is so intellectual that it has divided its operations into the CNS (Central Nervous System) which ultimately is the control centre spilt by a conscious Sympathetic Nervous System and unconscious Parasympathetic Nervous System. Join us at The Bester Life for a life-altering experience in Health and Wellness for all ages.



As we expand, our main goal is to come up with more offerings that cater to an even wider audience across the globe. We are passionate about helping individuals meet and maintain a sustainable, less stressful healthy lifestyle — regardless of how stressful life is at the time. Explore our plans today and get in touch with any questions. Let us help you take a minimalist approach to simplify your life and meet your goals with less hassle.



TheBesterLife is here to help you take control of your health & wellness path by offering pre-set or personalized fitness & diet plans at your fingertips. Founded on the principle that life & circumstance are evolving & changing, we know how important a fitness plan is for physical, mental, & emotional clarity. Offering plans for various fitness levels, to catering to advanced training & lifestyle, you’re sure to find the plan that you’re looking for, otherwise, we will tailor-make one just for you.